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Lucid Fox is a User Interface (UX) consulting agency based in the United States.

The client needed a new logo to formally begin as an independent UX consultant. I was given some examples of logos that the client liked and wanted me to use as inspiration. I noticed that they all consisted of simple shapes and elements and that the figures were all flat.




Bestiario Sushi is a restaurant located in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

I have been part of the project (as a corporate indentity consultant) since 2013, when I suggested the name "Bestiario Sushi". Currently, I am in charge of designing and posting weekly social network advertising for the restaurant and I have been responsible for all the corporate design indentity of the client, including the menus, uniforms and promotional material.

I thought of the name because in the cooking process you are mixing vegetables, animals and spices and it is almost like you are making new "creatures" ("bestiarios" in Spanish). Besides the name, it has great opportunity for creating interesting graphics which you can see in the samples below.

This blog post shows the creative process I went through with the client when coming up with the logo and at the end shows some examples of how the logo is used in day to day marketing.