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Predictiva, Business Intelligence and Analytics This project started when my client sent me a brief and some examples of logos as inspiration.


Client Brief

Predictiva will offer from its website (which is still being developed) a set of products related to Business Intelligence and Analytics. Our goal is to solve business problems through Big Data analysis. Our slogan is actually "Solving big data problems". Predictiva comes from the verb to predict. Predictiva will analyze multiple sources of our customers data in order to predict its behavior in the future.

PREDICTIVA is related to Data, Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, AI.

Adjectives that describe our aim for the logo: Clean, minimalist concept, quality, expertise, thrust, worthiness.

Our target customers: SMEs Online Businesses that can get value from data analysis.

Tagline: Solving Big Data Problems Logo will be used: Website, business cards, infographies, etc.

Should be delivered in both dark and light backgrounds.

We also need a business card template Formats to be delivered: PNG / JPEG / PSD / AI (vector)


Screen Shot 2017 11 02 at 18.29.08



The work

For the first draft I selected some graphics related with Prediction and Big Data concepts.

The first idea that I had was to make a P using 0 and 1 that represents a binary system, IT world, analysis, etc. I created a broken line when taking out a piece of the 0 to emphasize the “Prediction” concept.




Another element created by mixing P and R.



I also chose to use the fractionated cylinder, icon for databases and big data.



Using these graphics I added the name of the company to see how it would look.

I chose a very clear font in all caps and bigger space between letters to make it easier to read and to look more sophisticated.




I also played with the Big Data / Database cylinder and used it instead of the letter I. I also chose a sans serif font, this time the bold version and a different shade of blue to balance weight and distinguish between the letters and the icon.

Screen Shot 2017 11 02 at 19.02.04



When using the Big Data icon in PREDICTIVA I decided to simplify the cylinder more to use it now as the E in PREDICTIVA.


Screen Shot 2017 11 02 at 18.33.16




I decided to use the same idea with the other letters. There is a law in Gestalt called “Closure law”. It says that our eye tends to close the unfinished elements and to finish the unfinished. So, if there is an unfinished letter, then our brain tries to close the lines and to “predict” the meaning even when the letters are not like they should be.

Screen Shot 2017 11 02 at 18.33.21



I made some adjustments so the C is mirrored with D and be more symmetric. I also changed the E color to emphasize the Big Data symbol.




At this time I was excited by the idea of making the typography even more abstract, however, I thought it was also important that the client saw other options as well, so I made some variations.

This proposals was the last one I sent to the client and I remember writing in the email that the last proposal (my favorite) was kind of daring and more risky than the others and that was looking forward to hearing his opinion.




I thought it would be a little difficult to convince the client to choose the most daring option.

In my opinion the T is the key element when thinking about the meaning of the word PREDICTIVE.

In fact, using or not the shaft of the T makes a big difference.




Fortunately my client was feeling brave and also prefered the same version as me :D

We decided to use the proposed colors, in negative as the main version. There will always be the option of using it in positive too.




I then included designs for business cards with the selected colors and added the tag line "Solving Big Data Problems".





Lucid Fox is a User Interface (UX) consulting agency based in the United States.

The client needed a new logo to formally begin as an independent UX consultant. I was given some examples of logos that the client liked and wanted me to use as inspiration. I noticed that they all consisted of simple shapes and elements and that the figures were all flat.




Bestiario Sushi is a restaurant located in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

I have been part of the project (as a corporate indentity consultant) since 2013, when I suggested the name "Bestiario Sushi". Currently, I am in charge of designing and posting weekly social network advertising for the restaurant and I have been responsible for all the corporate design indentity of the client, including the menus, uniforms and promotional material.

I thought of the name because in the cooking process you are mixing vegetables, animals and spices and it is almost like you are making new "creatures" ("bestiarios" in Spanish). Besides the name, it has great opportunity for creating interesting graphics which you can see in the samples below.

This blog post shows the creative process I went through with the client when coming up with the logo and at the end shows some examples of how the logo is used in day to day marketing.