Branding Re Design & Design Process Component Creator
Component Creator allows you to create components in Joomla. 

It is used by about 70 thousand people and is therefore already well known in the sector. My client asked for a redesign to update the image. The existing logo had many small elements and a very thin font..​​​​​​​
For the first options I was completely inspired by the Joomla logo. I used the initials CC as interlocking arches as used by Joomla and the same colours since they are quite recognised by its users.

I also made some simpler proposals, although I could see that they were too similar to Google icons.​​​​​​​
When I saw one of the resulting shapes, I found it interesting to use the idea of a “puzzle” as an analogy with the fact of joining pieces to build new components for Joomla.
The “Puzzle” idea was a good possibility for our new logo, however it was completely different from the icon that Component Creator has been identified up to now with its customers and the Joomla community, so I started working on an idea where the gear shape was present. I modified it to bring symetry and split it crosswise to make it two letters C.​​​​​​​
I tried turning it around, removing the center circle but none of the resulting shapes were what I was looking for, it reminded me a lot of an eye with lashes. I tried using just one half instead.
I also turned the engine into a more typographic shape
It seemed like a good option but it also reminded me of a horseshoe ... I did the comparison of the different icons that I had created so far followed with the product name. All with the same typeface just to focus on the icons.
When showing the options to my client, we decided to go for the half gear option with the circle inside. I did a few tweaks to optimise the shape of the gear.
Once we had our icon ready, my client asked to see it with the previous font. In the next review I showed that option and other with a more icon-like font.
The next step was to offer other color possibilities for the logo
Finally we choose the most flexible option for logo applications.
Once we had our logo ready, my client needed some advertising. 
My client is from Denmark, and so is LEGO, the most famous building toy system in the world. I thought it could be a good idea using this blocks as an analogy for building customised components for JOOMLA with Component Creator. 

We decided to use figures and super hero characters made with LEGO as Component Creator costumers and Joomla users are developers and programmers, the closest to super hero we can have these days ;)
I hope you like the process as much as I did!

Thank you for reading!
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