Hi, I'm liliana.es/pinosa

Branding & Re Branding (Lover) Specialist

Graphic Identity: Joomla Day Granada
Logo design & brochure by liliana.es
Corporate Identity Process: Portsuites.dk
Corporate Identity Redesign: Jensen Technologies
Toki Sushi
Branding / Toki Sushi Photography, Social Media Managment, Flyers, Menu, Uniform
Art Flyer Design: Caferoma 2011-2017
Identity Design by liliana.es // Caferoma, Electronic Music Nightclub Aguascalientes, Ags. México
Corporate Identity Design Process : PREDICTIVA
PREDICTIVA is a company oriented to the extraction and categorisation of information using artificial intelligence.
Corporate Identity Design Process - Bestiario Sushi
Graphic Design, Advertising & Photography - Aguascalientes, México by liliana.es
Branding Redesign Process: Component Creator
Social Media Imagery: Automatic Backlinks
Bon Vivant / Branding Design
Proyecto de ilustración "Naive" realizado para el sello discográfico Bon Vivant basado e inspirado en fotografías del "Rat Pack".
Joomla! 3.7 Features
Joomla 3.7 features graphic design. Social media graphics, icons.
Sumer Fest
Music festival graphic identity
Co.Family Coworking - Explainer Video
Co.Family Coworking - Video promo
Redesign Corporate identity - Co Family Coworking
Logo + advertising design by liliana.es
Corporate Identity Design & Redesign Process-Grupo FAL
2007 / 2016 - by liliana.es
Social Media Imagery Design: El Nopal
Logo Redesign Process - For Two
+ Advertising by liliana.es
Avellana Cerámica | Branding
Negro Aceituna | Branding
Negro Aceituna | Interior Design www.facebook.com/Naceituna Corporative Identity
Llibres Lliures | Corporate Identity · Volunteering
Volunteering / Corporate Identity : Llibres Lliures Catalunya Free Library in Barcelona
Geishas | Advertising
Advertising : Geishas | Performing Arts -Poster, brochure, ticket design for Geishas, theatre play in México My client wanted to have a dramatic poster for his theatre play without being too violent. "Study for a crime" is the title play, so I used gray shades with a very vivid red for the title and little details, mouth and small marks. I made poster, booklet and ticket design for them.
Dobby Bar | Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity for Dobby Bar | Electronic music discotheque
"No Bullying" Campaign
This campaign was made to prevent bullying in schools.
Hotel Andrea Alameda - Restaurant
Andrea Alameda Hotel meal and breakfast menu redesign
Socoex Group - Magazine
Construction architecture brochure magazine
Spiritual Community - Web Design
The client needed a website where he could reflect the spiritual and relaxing environment he offers in his business place. I use pastel colors, handwriting fonts and png photos to allow transparencies. As a result we have a very organic and clean website. http://www.villa-karolina-group-facilities.com/ ~ In colaboration with "Not web design" _
Vivd North
Pósters & Covers design | Vivid North Label | Calgary Canadá http://www.beatport.com/release/better-than-dope-ep/1005713 http://www.beatport.com/release/mochima-sun/1116482 http://www.beatport.com/release/driving-at-night/1084206
CD Cover Design
Implausible Beauty a David Sylvian Retrospective Re-Imagined by David Rosa
Lucid Fox
Lucid Fox - Logo and Corporate identity
Alicia | Bar
Advertising for this bar is inspired in Alice in Wonderland
Buddha Once | Bar [FNSM11]
Nightclub / Feria Nacional de San Marcos 2011
Dhali | Bar
Night Club inspired in Salvador Dalí & his artwork
Ibiza | Bar
Night Club
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