Co Family Coworking combines work and family-kids in one place. It is why I decided to do the same when redesigning the logo. I used alphabet blocks as toys for kids. The other element is a pencil as an international tool for education, office, design, architecture, etc. an element that brings the great ideas into the real world ;)
Hey friend! your project is great, although,  a logo redesign is needed :)
That's how this corporate identity project started.

My client, a mom entrepreneur who is used to do everything herself, made a graphic element as a logo for her brand new business in Granada, Spain.​​​​​​​
Business Cards
When I have the logo ready I always applied to the simplest graphic element that will show the business personality, this is how it looks:

A flyer
I designed a flyer to explain how the Coworking family-friendly works.

An explainer video
Using the same graphic elements and colour palette I also created this explainer video

Posters & Flyers
I also designed these elements for a circle of conferences 
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