Logo design process: Port Suites
by liliana.es
Port Suites is a cozy boutique hotel, a deluxe experience on the edge of the "Little Belt", which is a strait between the island of Funen and the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark.

Betina, the director, sent me some ideas she already got for her logo.
1- Keywords
I started with some keywords: Water, Home, Keyhole, Door, Room.
I always use black & white when I work in the first options to focus in the shape.
2- S+P
I modified the wave shape to look more like a letter P, then I duplicate it and mirrored to become a letter S. 
3- Ready to send the options to my client
I added the name and slogan choosing clear serif fonts for the keyhole + waves options
I added a circle for the Waves + S options
4- My client's input
My client sent me the option she liked the best, which was the keyhole with the wave inside and mentioned she would like to use the PS inside the circle.

She also had a new idea: There is a bridge you can see from Port Suits, which is a symbol of the town. It is called "“Lillebælt”", "Little Belt" in Danish.  My client wanted to include the bridge inside the keyhole.
5- The bridge.
She sent me a photo of the bridge that I traced to see how it would look like in our logo.
I sent her these options using the bridge.
6- Other ways
In my opinion, the bridge has many elements and would look very small and not very clear, so I send her other options if we wanted the bridge to be part of the identity. It would be as a support graphic element and not necessarily part of the logo.
7- Approved
My client liked both ideas, now was time to bring colour to help decide!
I designed two options for business cards, which I always include as part of the pack for Corporate Identity Design.

8- Delivery
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