2007: An hexagon / cube shape 
In 2007 my client contacted me for designing his outsourcing business logo. They wanted to show how their team work can easily adapt to their client's needs 
I designed the corporate identity for Grupo FAL using a cube-hexagon made with three "F". The hexagon is a strong shape representing a solid working team that interacts and cooperate in order to deliver quality services.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2016: A Lion
9 years later, my client contacted me to refresh the logo. His business was growing and he wanted to include a Lion in the logo.
He sent me some images of lions to show me what he was looking for. My first impression was that these were too different from the style we had in our 2007 logo. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
In this 9 years, Grupo FAL had many clients and his brand was well known, it was important to keep the clients and attract new ones. 
I explained this to my client, my idea was to create a logo that could show the evolution of the company. It was important to maintain the same style and essence from the 2007 logo.
So I started playing around with the cube - hexagon turning it, adding some lines to create a lion face.
I looked for options that include the letter F in our logo by duplicate and mirror turning into the lions face. I also tried the hexagon in both vertical and horizontal ways.
I added some details for the mouth and nose and slight different options for the face shape.
Then I try using a hexagon for the lion's hair as well as the face shape.
In this step I realised I was getting closer to a lion but far from our 2006 logo, so I decided to get back to the cube shape using the hexagon, think more in 3d than 2d.
Less is more
I also took shades away and try using only one colour as I always do when I work in logos.
Next step was to try little variations and adding a flat design style by using a 10% darker shade on the right side of the face.
And this is how our 2006 logo turned into a 2016 logo
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