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Branding & Re Branding (Lover) Specialist

La Valentona - Casa de Mezcales
Brand Design Process: Portsuites.dk
Port Suites is a cozy boutique hotel offering a deluxe experience located on the beautiful edge of the "Little Belt", a strait between the island of Funen and the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark.
Brand refresh, Editorial & Social Media Imagery Design
Rock and Roll Daycare is a dynamic, music-based Montessori Childcare Program in Boston US, serving infants, toddlers and preschool aged children.  Redesign, Editorial Design and Social Media Imagery
Electronic Music Poster Design: Caferoma 2011-2017
Social Media Imagery Design by liliana.es
Corporate Identity Design Process - Bestiario Sushi
Graphic Design, Advertising & Photography - Aguascalientes, México by liliana.es
Graphic Identity: Joomla Day Granada
Logo design & brochure by liliana.es
Corporate Identity Redesign: Jensen Technologies
Branding: Toki Sushi
Visual Identity, Branding, Photography, Video, Social Media Imagery and Management
Corporate Identity Design Process : PREDICTIVA
PREDICTIVA is a company oriented to the extraction and categorisation of information using artificial intelligence.
Brand design: Buendía Fisioterapia Avanzada
Buendía, Fisioterapia Avanzada is a Physiotherapy clinic in Granada, Spain. Their clients base mainly consists of local athletes. As part of the opening of a new clinic, they requested a new logo, business cards and banner to promote their services.
Puravida Bar
Puravida bar is an electronic music hall in Aguascalientes, México. I worked for them every weekend designing social media imagery and posters to promote the artists that was going to play
Branding Redesign Process: Component Creator
Co.Family Coworking - Explainer Video
Co.Family Coworking - Video promo
Social Media Imagery: Automatic Backlinks
Bon Vivant / Branding Design
Proyecto de ilustración "Naive" realizado para el sello discográfico Bon Vivant basado e inspirado en fotografías del "Rat Pack".
Joomla! 3.7 Features
Joomla 3.7 features graphic design. Social media graphics, icons.
Sumer Fest
Music festival graphic identity
Logo Design Process for Cora Musica
Cora Musica belongs to the world of music. They manufacture African instruments, produces world music shows for music therapy, meditative music etc. They have a professional recording studio and offers services for musical instrument repair. 
Redesign Corporate identity - Co Family Coworking
Logo + advertising design by liliana.es
Corporate Identity Design & Redesign Process-Grupo FAL
2007 / 2016 - by liliana.es
Social Media Imagery Design: El Nopal
Logo Redesign Process - For Two
+ Advertising by liliana.es
Avellana Cerámica | Branding
Logo design process: Punto y Coma Carpentry
Options and final files for a Carpentry Logo.
Negro Aceituna | Branding
Negro Aceituna | Interior Design www.facebook.com/Naceituna Corporative Identity
Llibres Lliures | Corporate Identity · Volunteering
Volunteering / Corporate Identity : Llibres Lliures Catalunya Free Library in Barcelona
Geishas | Advertising
Advertising : Geishas | Performing Arts -Poster, brochure, ticket design for Geishas, theatre play in México My client wanted to have a dramatic poster for his theatre play without being too violent. "Study for a crime" is the title play, so I used gray shades with a very vivid red for the title and little details, mouth and small marks. I made poster, booklet and ticket design for them.
Dobby Bar | Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity for Dobby Bar | Electronic music discotheque
"No Bullying" Campaign
This campaign was made to prevent bullying in schools.
Hotel Andrea Alameda - Restaurant
Andrea Alameda Hotel meal and breakfast menu redesign
Logo redesign & Brochure for Socoex Group
Ghana - Spain 2018
Spiritual Community - Web Design
The client needed a website where he could reflect the spiritual and relaxing environment he offers in his business place. I use pastel colors, handwriting fonts and png photos to allow transparencies. As a result we have a very organic and clean website. http://www.villa-karolina-group-facilities.com/ ~ In colaboration with "Not web design" _
Vivd North
Pósters & Covers design | Vivid North Label | Calgary Canadá http://www.beatport.com/release/better-than-dope-ep/1005713 http://www.beatport.com/release/mochima-sun/1116482 http://www.beatport.com/release/driving-at-night/1084206
CD Cover Design
Implausible Beauty a David Sylvian Retrospective Re-Imagined by David Rosa
Lucid Fox
Logo & Corporate identity design process 2012
Alicia | Bar
Advertising for this bar is inspired in Alice in Wonderland
Buddha Once | Bar [FNSM11]
Nightclub / Feria Nacional de San Marcos 2011
Dhali Bar
Mural - interior design for a Night Club inspired in Salvador Dalí & his artwork - Feria Nacional de San Marcos 2007 & 2010, Aguascalientes, Ags. México.
Ibiza | Bar
Night Club
Una mujer que saluda a algún vecino y alimenta las palomas en Valencia, Italia 2007
Paris les bleus
Paris- 2007
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